Creative Project


The goal of the creative project is to explore in depth one or more of the CSIM methods presented in the course. Moreover, students develop creative skills by designing a complete game with polished assets. An important part of this project is to expose students to the process of design & test via playtesting. Thus, students will have one formal playtest sessions with their peers and constant informal feedback from the instructor and TAs. This project can be done either individually or in pairs.

Important Dates

What and How to Turn In

The project proposal has to be formated as a 3-5 pages game design document (GDD). In the playtest session, students will play each other's games and provide formal feedback via an online google form. The final presentation has to be delivered using a deck of slides in 8-10 minutes, including a live demo.

The proposal, the final presentation and the game cart have to be submitted to this Google Drive Folder.

Technical Requirements

All the projects have to be implemented using the latest version of LOVE2D . They also have at least two scenes: a title scene and a game scene.